Terrarium at Hotel MariaKapel 2010!


Just received the good word that Terrarium will be happening at Hotel MariaKapel in Hoorn, Netherlands in 2010.  Oh happy news!  Here’s more about HMK:

Hotel Mariakapel is an artist-run residency and project space in Hoorn, a 16th century town by the IJsselmeer, just 40 km north of Amsterdam. In the old center of the town, in a mediaeval orphanage with adjacent inner garden and Maria Chapel, Hotel Mariakapel receives artists from all over the world.

Hotel Mariakapel has grown from the ideal to create a concentrated work- and presentation place, where dialogue and collaboration inform experimental, context-based art projects. It was set up and is still run by a dedicated team of artists, assisted by local and international volunteers.

The programme involves artists working in a wide range of media, focussing on installation and context based work, video/film and performance art. Projects are developed both in public space and in the chapel’s exhibition space. Artists arrive on an individual basis or in groups, but the aim is always to create new work and during the process, gain from each other’s vision, questions and experience.

The exhibition/project space in the chapel has a varied history of artists exhibitions and events and been used as a space for experimental art since 1985: first by De Achterstraat Foundation, then as an annex to the Sandberg Institute (MFA of the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam).

Hooray hooray!


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