patrick blanc + planetarium nightmare


caiza forum in madrid, spain (photo from adaptivereuse.net)

caixa forum in madrid, spain (photo from adaptivereuse.net)

vertical gardens by patrick blanc. something to consider for aquarium, terrarium, and life in general. also, an article on patrick blanc in the august 2009 issue of wired.

on an unrelated note, napped and nightmared that i went to environmentaland and planetarium was gone six weeks before it was supposed to be dismantled. vanished! woke up and thought “this is not a nightmare. how strange and ridiculous.” but now, i’m awake.


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  1. I had an Aquarium nightmare last night!! Jack and you and I went to see the current show. I don’t know what we thought it was going to be but we were certainly shocked by what we saw: Two women directing visitors to contribute water to a system of 6″ diameter tubing by climbing a ladder and pouring the water into a funnel. They pointed to different parts of the system as they described, “the water passes through these rocks and this charcoal, a bit being directed away towards these mini-ecosystems and mini-habitats, and comes out at our drinking station.” In the back corner of the room there was a table with a big water cooler where people were filling giant plastic cups and sipping away, all smiling and saying to each other “aahhh” and “oh isn’t this refreshing?” I was like, “um, didn’t you know this is sort of like what we’re going to do?” and one of the women said, “you never thought of letting people drink it! plus, our pipes are much larger than yours will be.”

    In the same sleep, I had a dream that I was a small girl, very sad and lonely, riding a squeaky bus home from school in rural West Texas. One of the kids on the bus lived in a road-side carnival so we had to stop there to drop him off. All the kids jammed out the doors and into the carnival- much to the dismay of the craggly bus driver- so I wandered in, too. I found myself in some sort of barn house, a maze of dusty slatted hallways with slices of light cutting through the thick air and drawing lines on my little hands as I reached forward, timidly exploring. An ancient woman wearing a sexy gypsy costume peeked out of a round door and summoned me. I followed her into her boudoir- lots of velvet and sheer fabric draped over lamps and tassels on everything- and she bade me sit upon her hard round bed and close my eyes. She sat next to me and, with two papery fingers, lifted my lids and pointed my face upwards.

    A banana peel floating in the air

    So graceful it looked like a sea creature- a jellyfish or perhaps a nudibranch… It made me so happy I didn’t care that I could see bits of clear string attached to it’s top and the tips of its petals…

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