DIY Hydrophone


Building a hydrophone

A hopeful project for Aquarium- the hydrophone. I found a couple DIY pages that I will be testing out next week for my installation at the Downtown Independent. I’ve also read that you can simply put a balloon or condom on an existing microphone and it should record sound and not damage the mic. It doesn’t sound as good as a real hydrophone, plus I wouldn’t want to find used parts for that…gross. Anyway, interesting concept? I’m more interested in making a real hydrophone and if it works, it’ll be an awesome addition to Aquarium.

This website looks like a good place to start for any number projects we might be interested in. Here’s their instructions for a hydrophone. We should look through other projects on the instructables.com website for future inspiration.

Two other websites on hydrophones: http://www.phonography.org/water.htm and http://sonar-fs.lboro.ac.uk/uag/products/products_hydrophone.html.

The possibility of underwater sound

This guy is making some pretty interesting sounds, I have no idea what he’s doing but I thought everyone would enjoy listening to the possibilities of the hydrophone.


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