Sara Roberts spoke in our Integrated Media Lab a few weeks ago, and I found her presentation quite inspiring! She brought her Earbees, which were a lot of fun, and she read from her forthcoming activities book. As I listened to her list of “rules” for a class she calls “Rules and Space”, I felt like I was receiving a very important message… one I needed to relate immediately to the Reclamation crew. I asked her for permission to post them here, and she e-mailed me the list today. I don’t think there could be a better time for this message:

In Rules and Space

1 fun is good.

2 learn to make interesting, productive rules

3 move abstraction into actuality. try it, try it sooner

4 there is no mass audience, we’re the audience, deal with who’s here.

5 use minimal means – this extends to venue

6 work as an ensemble, develop interdependence*

7 swift action with what is at hand – bucket brigade virtuosity

8 there is no final product, only iteration* . value all iterations.

9 be as open as your score. make a framework, a set of rules, and let people try it. see what happens, edit the rules, not the iteration.

10 meaningful participation – if you’re going to get people out of their chairs, let them do something that matters

*people in ensembles are not constant, perfect, happy pieces of a pie – ensembles have their share of politics and pissing matches. there is one skill, though, and a very valuable one, that can only be developed in ensembles, that is interdependence. Interdependence is the ability to listen, sense, watch, and react to the others around you, the ability to synchronize.

*there is the first, the second, the third time, the time we changed the middle, the time no one fell, the time we wore hats, the time in the rain…. pretty soon it’s the first time you did something else.



  1. hurrah!
    marx what?
    school of sara is better.

  2. these are the best rules.

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