Cool times at Lake Mono


“Whether Mono Lake has a consciousness will remain one of its mysteries.  But Mono endows its friends with awareness, for we have all had to learn from it.  Mono has taught us to see the world anew, to accept and perceive beauties we had been unaware of, and to ask questions whose answers may be far from simple or comfortable.  On the solitude of its beaches, at dawn or at dusk, we have learned to listen and to watch and to live quietly with ourselves.  But mostly, we have learned to live with other beings which we cannot use but whose mere presence enhances our daily existence.”- Gray Brechin

….I’m wanting for Reclamation to have a consciousness….



  1. what kind?
    conscious of what?
    how to awaken this frankenstein?

    • An awareness of itself that lets us have an awareness of it of and helps us feel like we are a part of something. I guess it about making reclamation feel like something that one my fit into. giving it some sort of omniscient air or presence. something infinitely larger than itself and infinitely smaller. i keep thinking of zen and responsibility and where these two overlap and how they could…..

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