so, about to finish off the semester, there are a few machines i got a hang on:
laser cutter!
cut and raster on wood, cardboard, acrylic, food, anything! as long as it is not something that bounces the lasser back at you while cutting. or that melts. so no no mirrors, no no wax.
design something, send it, cut it, like magic.
similar than laser but allows for more depth. presumably up (down?) to 6 inches.
water jet cutter!
cut aluminum, wood, anything.
3D scanner!
scan any 3D object, replicate and print!
3D printer!
print anything into 3D. gotta have a 3D model and material is expensive.
better option for replicating:
molding and casting!
make a mold out of wax (positive) pour silicone/rubber (negative) pour hydrostone, alloid metals (positive) and voila!! multiply forever.
or make a negative mold and end with a silicone positive.
vinyl cutter!
make anything you want out of vinyl.
stickers? flexible pcbs?
modela milling machine!
mill little pieces, pcbs, wax molds for molding, anything.
other tools i yet have to play with:
3 and 5 axis milling stuff.

go crazy.


One comment

  1. vinyl cutter??? oh yeah, how about printing stickers. Can you do that? Its reclamation related, but also a sort of personal project. I could pay you. just thought it might be better this way…but then again maybe not..

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