In preparation for Aquarium, I’ve been thinking a lot about water. I’ve been experimenting with water levels in my garden… seeing how little I can water my plants without making them unhappy. I’ve been trying to figure out ways that my plants could water one another- by hanging thirstier plants over plants that need less water, I’m hoping the run off from the first might be enough to sustain the second. I’m also thinking of ways to store rain water for later use- though the rain is proving elusive this season…

At the same time, I am preparing to return to Bolivia to direct a short documentary about the settlement whose development I’ve been photo-documenting since August 2008. The last time I was there, the community leaders of Mineros San Juan managed to install a few street lights on the settlement’s only cobbled road and get them connected to the grid of the nearby city Cochabamba. The school and health center have access to a bit of electricity but none of the houses do. At the time of my last visit, the water project had just begun. Members of the community worked each day to dig through the stony hillsides, carving trenches that would become the veins and capillaries of the settlement’s first running water system. I took a few pictures and thought I’d include them here. To this day, I am compelled by the memory of the difficulty of that labor and the commitment with which the community members of Mineros San Juan acted in concert each day in order to achieve access to water.


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