aquarium: schematics


eyelevel/horizontal view, view of ceiling, aerial of aquarium outcomes

here’re some preliminary schematics i’ve come up with for aquarium’s design. they are admittedly simple, but it gives an idea of the very basic ways in which the materials can work for this installation.

basic pipe parts

as we worked with the repeated material of paper in planetarium, this time my thought is plastic bags and bottles. a 3D (i’m thining 3 layers deep) plastic bag grid can serve as the suspension for the plastic bottle pipes, suffice that the tubes are tight enough to maintain their own rigidity. sea & space has a great ceiling with wooden 4x4s that will make the suspension grid easier to install as well.

i’m working on figuring out ways to make basic pipe pieces out of bottles, so that we have all the modular pieces ready to go come installation time, and though working off a basic design, we can adjust based on the dimensions and limitations of the gallery space (or any space) itself. the design (middle pic) doesn’t sufficiently give a visual of what i’m thinking of for the pipe configuration… which works off the triangular motif (so minimal right angles) and is aesthetically more steampunk meets alien cool with valves and the microflora ecosystems we discussed.

also, we had discussed 3 outcomes, for aquarium, but perhaps we don’t take that 3 number so literally. what if the “3” were 3 elements, as opposed to simply 1 garden, 1 pond, 1 drinking fountain. if we thought of 3 outcomes related to each of the other spaces in reclamation. For example, garden outcomes referencing terrarium (so drew’s cap class garden AND jack’s garden both can have gardens transplanted here that would also be permanent structures in s&s’s backyard), bioluminescent algae referencing solarium (it can be done… see here), and a stone pond with stones in constellation configurations referencing planetarium (this also further filtrates the water). drew’s experiments with run-off works well with the design above, that presents outcomes that are tiered and progressively expanding as the water flows from one tier to the next. so that every bit of water gets used, we can also have a run-off garden at the very base; thinking a desert garden. i know that the schematics change the idea that there are 3 surprise/possible outcomes–but this isn’t fixed, etc.. and i’d like to still maintain that element.

more soon.


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  1. this sounds great. could the stone pond be a filtration system with charcoal? like the one you make in liter bottles in science class?

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