Window Gardens/Kindred Spirits


Bust recently featured an article about Brooklyn-based artists Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray and their Window Farms. Think we could form a constellation of window gardeners/gardens leading up to Terrarium?



  1. here’s an earlier post from earlier in the yar about the same ladies: https://reclamationproject.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/window-farms/. we also have a link to their site under “research”.

    i wonder though the long-term impacts of using plastic bottles with ANYTHING in light of all of this leaching toxin stuff. do coatings really make a difference? investigating investigating…

  2. yeah i remember seeing that post– i was just excited to see them in Bust! and excited about the idea of creating some sort of map or network of fellow window gardeners/terrarium-ators/reclaimers/bio-cyclers/etc.

  3. yeah! it’d be simple enough too with a facebook/google mapping app… also, what about a mapping capability that shows “all the places i’ve planted a tree” or something like that a la “all the cities i’ve been to”… just riding a brainstorm.

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