on aquarium: water donations


sketch of one water collection idea... with a snake in love with a hose... and a rat afraid of the snake...

in prepping for aquarium, been mulling over the many ways to collect used water to make the thing Go. among others, considered setting up various stations throughout the la-area that collects the water, where we devise these moldable bins that fit into sinks and siphon used water into these massive bins that kind of look like recycling bins and are labeled “reclamation : aquarium” which we in turn collect and bring to sea & space… but that seems like, kind of crazy, right? erg. one of many that have come and gone through my brain.

but there’re two that’ve stuck. and compared with the prefaced idea, they’re far more reasonable. here they are:

1) shelf o’ water donation
shelf of bottles filled with waste water donated by visitors. there’s a list of “dos and don’ts” with the waste water we’ll have to come up with. like, water from the toilet, urine, used to wash your blood stained hands are a “no” for the fact that it’ll kill our plants and violate health codes of the space. yesses include water leftover in yoru water bottle that you never drank, rain run-off, water used to wash your hands for hum-drum stuff… here’s what i see in my head: a shelf (out of reclaimed wood, of course) floor to ceiling set in front of the window in s&s, where people can load their donations. we label them with people’s names (donation by…). how to make sure standards are met? faith in our fellow man, of course…

2) shelf o’ water collected
as in we load up on reclaimed water from a water reclamation plant (where else?!) … and keep on reusing this water since it’ll come out the other end a bunch of times. store extra on same shelf (see above if your memory’s as short as mine). one of the leading facilities in reclamation water development is in orange county; they’re heading up the green acres project. there’s also one in irvine. alternately we can pilgrimage to san fran to load up on water from the first reclamation water plant in the country. the shelf can also be an opp to educate about water reclamation — which is somewhat controversial, in development phase, and not that well known — in a functional, elegant way that’s sans the self-righteousness that comes with panels of information, etc.

both are feasible and i believe solve the water issue. maybe we can combine both. this question’s kept me up every now and then for the past few months, but now that there’re some answers, looking forward to reclaiming at least a few hours of sleep. HAHA. sorry. so not funny.


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