Rainy Day Robbery/Making Mini-Worlds


Last Friday I packed a bag of soil, some charcoal and pebbles, succulent clippings from my garden, and two boxes full of the glass containers I squirrel away in the Girlhouse kitchen.  It was terrarium day in my CAP class, and I couldn’t have been more excited to see what they’d make of the materials.  I loaded up my car and sat at the wheel, really proud of myself for actually getting up and at em on time.  For once.  Then I noticed the inch of water under my feet inside my car.  As I wondered how it got so swampy in there, I noticed my finger was bleeding.  Someone smashed my front passenger window and I was already cut and in drive before I noticed.  Blame it on the hour?  So much for being on time.

There was nothing to steal but meter money, maybe 75 cents.  The glass alone cost two hundred bucks, and then there was the labor.  So frustrating to encounter a problem I simply cannot fix myself.  I drove to school with rain pouring in the window, trying my best to cover the Planetarium paper packed in the back of the car and laughing out loud at that.  The one thing that meant anything to me in that car was a big pile of used paper.

I’m really proud of my students for what they did that day- both the beautiful terrariums they put together and the way they cheered me up.  We decided we’d record an alarm that very politely asks any prospective robber to simply leave his paypal info so I can send 20 bucks rather than spend a few hundred repairing damage that yielded less than a dollar take. We talked a lot about what we can and can’t control in our environment.  Niki proposed that making a terrarium is like making your own little world. Or at least setting it up and letting it go.


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