breaking glass, breaking everything


coming off of drew’s blog post, i feel less sheepish (bahhhhhh!) to relate my own aquarium woes and triumphs a few thousand miles away over the past few months. there’s a lot, as there always is. so much so perhaps that for now minced words suffice, as they feel better and less overwhelming. maybe if we go the poetic form first, the explanatory backstory will follow thereafter once i get the images off of my camera. doesn’t make sense? well, probably, neither will this, for now anyway…

seoul. coldest winter in 130 years. pipes broke twice. both at 2:30am. up and down 5 flights of stairs with a 50 pound gas heater on your back to figure out where the fuck the ice is. no running water for 10 days except pooling into the basement. the 50+ bottles collected over 6 months coming in handy to provide storage for water we wouldn’t have had otherwise. getting yelled at for collecting junk over months vindicated somewhats. just like the ivs in the hospital gave me ideas for aquarium, so had this experience. double layer of bottles. you’ll see once i get the images off of the camera i… wait for it… forgot in korea! sister of a saint will send the pics in the next few days… tragedy transformed into aquarium quandries saved. honestly, would swap one for the other in a heartbeat, but take what you can get i suppose. new appreciation for the rush of water, like music. my mother said i was running around like a sasum, that’s a deer for english-speaking folks. how lovely to do the dishes in a sink in a kitchen. and take a shower in a tub and not a bucket. left camera on the dining table. along with my good luck charm of a hat so no photos to show. but again, because of all of this, aquarium problems solved. and take what you can get to be thankful.

faith, environment, whatever indeed.

p.s. drew, during planetarium, while you were away, 1 week after i sold me car, 1 week before the deed was transferred, i had to replace my windshield because someone decided to crack it on the 1 day i parked it NOT in the lot to save money… HAHAHAHA… maybe it’s like the breaking of glass at a jewish wedding. mazel tov! though in NL, prior to NL, maybe we should do some symbolic gesture so it doesn’t manifest into -$200 for anyone… so this is how rituals are formed…


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