CAP class designs Aquarium garden!!


Today we talked about many kinds of gardens: Victory Gardens, Edible Estates, vertical gardens, mobile gardens, modular gardens, and more.  We split the students into four teams that I will refer to as the Danger Garden Team, the Flower Girls team, the Post-Apocalyptic Salad Team, and the Water Garden Team.  Each team drafted a plan and presented it to the class.  In the end, we decided to use an element from each team’s plan to create the Aquarium garden.  It’s going to be incredible!

The Danger Garden Team designed a target shaped garden organized in concentric circles with carnivorous plants in the outer circle, ‘semi-precious’ plants in the middle (we decided these were green leafy plants), and ‘exotic’ plants in the center circle (something colorful that smells good).  Each level would achieve a different height resulting in a mountain-like sculptural form.

The Post-Apocalyptic Salad Team proposed planting a meal of yams, tomatoes, greens, and grapes in a box with leafy vines hanging overhead.  Water would drip from the hanging planters into the vegetable box, which would also be watered by Aquarium.  The vines would grow around the vegetables giving the food garden a ‘jungle feel’.

The Flower Girls Team designed a sunflower shaped garden in which flowers of different colors would be planted in containers and organized so that the entire garden looked like a sunflower from above.  The center of the sunflower would be a poppy flower container and the lowest section of the garden.  They hoped to create different heights and colors in each petal of the sunflower as well as the stalk and leaves, creating a variety of depths in a low and high relief sculptural form.

The Water Garden Team proposed placing a bowl of water in the center of a box.  Aquarium would feed directly into the water bowl, supporting lilies, bamboo, and algae.  Overflow from the water bowl would water the plants in the box which could either be more aquatic plants (in which case the box would be more of a tank) or succulents (in which case the box would be a sandy desert.

After all the teams presented, we decided that we liked a bit of each idea!  Our idea is to create a pyramid-shaped garden that features a water bowl at the peak which sustains aquatic plant life.  Below that will be a ring of carnivorous plants.  Below that will be boxes of vegetable plants.  Other leafy plants can hang above and around the pyramid, drawing the eye around the garden and creating several possible outcomes for the water from Aquarium.  Details and photos to come!


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