Eco Art/Alternative Uses for Public Space + Reclamation


My students at Whitman Continuation School have been working all year towards two projects: the Aquarium Garden for Reclamation’s installation at Sea and Space and a permanent installation at their school.  I blogged about their Aquarium Garden designs last week and have posted some photos from that day below.  The school installation is proving a bit more difficult to decide upon: A circular garden at the entrance? A container garden hanging from tree branches?  A vertical food garden installed on the ugly cinder block wall that divides Whitman Continuation’s three portable buildings from the bright green grass fields and track of Fairfax High?  I am leaning towards a two part install- hanging garden from the tree branches plus vertical gardens to cover the cinder blocks as well as the barbed wire fences that separate us from our better-funded neighbor.  I’m hoping we can transplant some of the food-producing plants as well as the carnivorous plants from the Aquarium Garden to the Whitman installation.

Regarding the Danger Garden: Per the super helpful suggestion of Mark Allen (Machine Project), I ordered the carnivorous plants for the Danger Garden from California Carnivores.  I ordered four fancy Venus fly traps, five Cape Sundews, and Danish Delight.  Our carnivores are scheduled to arrive Wednesday just in time for Aquarium installation!

Regarding the Water Garden: Jack got a tip from his Self-Sustaining Luxury on the Cheap professor about a water garden store in Sunland, so I’ll be visiting them tomorrow or Monday to buy the plants my students chose for the top tier of the Aquarium Garden.  They’d like the water plants to look like the stars in the sky, so they chose some poppy lilies, star lilies, and bamboo.  They also chose a night blossoming lily, because they thought it would be fun to gather at night just to watch a flower unfold.  A new ritual.


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  1. I have been in this CAP Arts Program for almost 2 months, and i has been a great working on the project. I suggested that we use King Sundews in the Art Gallery becuase I feel that it gives the Project creativity. .working together in groups helped out also becuase we got a chance to share our opinions and piece of art

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