rope meat leg


I have to give credits for the way to bind the plastic bottles together–with our stylish plasticbag-rope–and on to the aluminium bars  to Mama Slanar (my mum for you non-German-speakers out there) as I thought about a special technique she used when binding meat together for a roast–note: this is generally used for a special type of roast, called “Rollbraten”  in Germany and “Geselchtes” in Austria, but can be applied to any meat that is supposed to be filled and therefore has to hold together through the roasting process. To verify this technique or to help myself remembering what my mum told me years ago (and I only listening to her with half an ear back then) I googled a bit and came across this demonstration video.


what I also found out reading through stuff on the web was that the “roast-binding” should not be used if you want to make stuffed goose (delicious with apples or chestnuts or both and served with red cooked cabbage and potatoe dumplings …) or even turkey as there is a way to do it so that the oven-heat is directed to the delicate parts in a better way.

I followed the chef’s instructions in the computer lab at calarts library, my left leg served as roast.


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