a side note on overlapping…


It seems that the Aquarium Garden is an excellent study for Terrarium!  I have been constructing terrariums, window boxes, pot/tank/jar/bucket gardens for years- but I’ve never worked on such a large scale before.  I’m really glad we’re doing it now and discovering all the hiccups involved in the expansion before jumping into Terrarium, which will be much grander than this garden.  There might also be an opportunity to play with light in a manner that serves not only to improve the garden but as some sort of Solarium experiment… I noticed today that the plants will only be getting a few hours of sunlight each day due to the high wall of the gallery and the equally tall fence between the garden and the neighbors.  I’d like to construct some system by which sunlight could be delivered to the plants outside the small window of time allowed by the small sliver of space.  Perhaps a solar tube?  Perhaps a mirror?  Or two?  Nothing to worry about today.  Or tomorrow.  Or anytime before the opening!!  But it might be something to consider as an activity to investigate/attempt during the life of Aquarium and its garden.  Thoughts?


  1. a mirror! it’d be nice to “carry” light or transport it to nourish plants the way that we have irrigation systems. where your eyes could follow the beam as they can follow a stream…
    wish i was there!
    working on coming for deinstall!

  2. Very nice site! is it yours too

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