Planting in the Rain (and thunder and lightning and hail)


Today I had hoped to fully plant Tier 1 of the Aquarium Garden, but it seems nature had another plan… I pulled some vegetable plants from my own garden then drove over to a local nursery to choose a few more.  The rain had been steadily falling on me all day but, as I packed up my crate o veggies, the hail came.  Hail!  In LA?!  I was more confused than upset.  Sort of amused and excited, actually.  Hail is one of my favorite meteorological phenomena.  Mostly, I think, because of how much I hate golf.  As a child, I would laugh and laugh everytime I heard ‘man struck by golf-ball-sized hail’ on the news because it just seemed so funny to me that these men were getting pelted by golf balls.  Hail is very common in Texas.  Golf-ball-sized hail ain’t a big deal.  Soft-ball-sized hail on the other hand… But this hail was small, even cute- so I laughed, dropped my collards, and got hit in the eye by a bit of hail that would’ve loaded quite nicely into a BB gun.  I stopped laughing, ran inside, and checked out.  The rain let up as I drove to Sea and Space but began pounding again as soon as I got there.  More laughter.  Messy hands.  A few mistakes: I forgot to get my drill bits from the Black Clock office so it took me a minute to figure out the best way to install the feet on the planters; the rain had wet the paper on the plexi so much that it took me two hours to remove it from one side of one planter, and there are still bits of glue and paper that wouldn’t budge; the top right corner of the planter I planted is bulging, plexi out of route.  Will fix tomorrow when I install Tier 2.  Hope to design a method that I can apply to each planter, bulging or not, for added security/design cohesion.  Sun setting/me shivering/neighbors blaring badass chi cha music, I suddenly felt compelled to take crappy cell phone pictures of the sky.  It looked beautiful and golden to my eye but mostly looks white in the pictures.  However, that odd desire led me round front where I hoped to get a nice reflection of the sunset in the front window of the gallery but found, instead, a rainbow!  Perfect.


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