An Epic Reading: Almost a Religious Experience


More on Tuesday’s (i.e. tomorrow’s) event curated by the illustrious Daiana Feuer who says…

They wanted something special. We’ll give ya…something!

Be blown away by the following mix of word, song, noise, and video by……

The poet Gedda Ilves was born in Harbin, North China, of Russian descent. She lived in Shanghai during WWII and then emigrated with her late husband via Brazil to Los Angeles in January 1951. She is 4″8 of gold with an accent.

Corridor plays epic music on cello accompanied by drums.

Aaron Drake will be there with a breathing, melodica playing battery powered noise machine.

Sarah Ibrahim improvises opera ‘inside water.’

Gerard Olson & Teira Johnson repopulate the planet with woolly mammoths.

Daniel Pelt follows Speed Racer up a mountain.

Daiana Feuer sees a squid invasion. Or it’s jellyfish.

Amanda Jo Williams recounts the heroics of Grace Light Warrior.

A pamphlet by Maxi Kim.

RSVP here.


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