Reclamation Reads + Auctions Poison on 2/28!


Coupled with AQUARIUM, this reading is an extension of a series of environmentally conscious pseudo religious works called RECLAMATION, whose mission statement asks its participants, “What if people took the environment as seriously as religion?” Reclamation Reads recontextualizes this statement and asks what the world would look like if everyone decided to take the environment as seriously as they take Work – that obligatory, livelihood sustaining, spiritual, dogmatic, rewarding, ritualistic daily grind.

Join us for a FREE light reception and watch as our participants reclaim, rework, reuse, recycle, reform, reduce, and reprocess these ideas.

The Reading Participants:
Maya Gingery
Narinda Heng
Janice Lee
Alex Mack
Stephen van Dyck

Co-curated by Caroline Chang & Jared Woodland

New works by John Matthew Heard titled such things as “One Less Bottle of Round-Up” or “One Less Can of Raid” will be auctioned off to serious collectors for the benefit of shared ground water and to decrease levels of toxicity in the artist’s household.


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