Rain Music: video from RITUAL/MUSIC 3


“Practicing” for Rain Music was magical. Kyoung poured water into the aquaduct, making inside rain on a sunny day. Light from the big front window poured in, warming the soil on the floor and my hands. I felt like we were the only people. Reverb, Wurlitzer tone, rain stick, microphone. Emily Lacy’s amps and Memory Man. Looping water droplets and bucket splashes- new percussion.

Jack says the song was never as good as it was that day. I think he’s right.

But “performing” Rain Music was magical, too. Kelly put her raincoat on and danced across the soil. Jack put a handful of mud on Danny’s head. Everybody actually got quiet.

Later that night, God Equals Genocide played the hokey pokey.
Indoor mud fight.
Goodnight Aquarium.


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