some kind of answers


1. How will we procure our materials?

a) a scavenger hunt in Hoorn/Amsterdam/elsewhere along the way (maybe in white suits, hey?)

b) a community exchange: a day/few days to invite the community into the space to learn about our project and trade, donate, or loan us plants and materials to foster

c) head shops?

2. How will the three eco-systems in the triptych be different from one another?

a) (“original” idea) three climate zones represented (jungle, forest, desert)

b) three time periods represented (plants grown in the area during the time the church was built, now, and sometime in between OR this same idea but regarding the space where we met – Southern California, think wetlands, citrus, weeds – which would demonstrate the changes brought on by colonization and urbanization…)

c) three different growing methods – soil terrarium, hydroponic terrarium, air terrarium

d) three types of plants like Aquarium (food, carnivorous, water)

e) compost

-eat with aesthetic consciousness

-one full of eggshells

-one with meat and flesh and hair we find

-one with things that will take thousands of years to decompose

-one with flowers

-one with the stuff we eat thrown-up

3. What will grow in the Window Gardens?  Why?

a) mint in water (super strong plant will grow anywhere)

b) magik mushrooms in soil (good for inside in the dark)

– cover in some dark cloak or spay paint black with leftover cans from graffiti kids.

c) because tea and mushrooms make us feel good

4. How will all these systems be sustained/maintained?

a) ritual waterings ?

b) use grey-water from dish washing

c) ritual sunnings?  I don’t even know what this means!

d) I’ve still got some grow bulbs, florescent tubes and fixtures

5. How is participation/interactivity encouraged? with smiles and a press budget. Is it necessary? always. It is a hindrance?  of course. What happens if no one participates in/interacts with Terrarium?  we get kind of bummed but we’ll get over it.

Do we want people to participate/interact? yes. Why? because we are isolated and far from home in Amsterdam and want to make new friends and learn about the world from them.

Do we want to need them? no, but we want to want them. Why? so that we can grow.

6. What is our schedule of events?  What kinds of workshops/performances/etc do we want to have?



c) Reclamation choir

d) Wilderness Boundary

e) terrarium construction / process workshops (but also some time us just building stuff)

f) seed/plant exchange (but also get some suff foraging or at the store)

g) readings? maybe host classes/discussions, telic public school style.

h) teach us? (workshops where we don’t teach!)

i) confessional? yes. (on-going?)

j) lectures? yes.

k) meditation? yoga? cardio-constellate!

l) debate or other forms of fancy fighting?

m) dance party? yes.

n) picnics? yes.

o) naptime? yes.

p) aiding and abetting criminals/allowing runaways a place of respite? yes.

q) naked fashion show? yes.

r) Eternal Telethon or other friend project/event/affair?

s) AA meetings?

t) Reclamation meetings

u) speed dating

v) theater

w) field trips for school kids

x) an outing for the elderly

y) historical society lecture about the history of the space, ensuring our insertion into that history

z) … ??? !!!

aa) Gulf Coast Disaster Lecture and Hot Oil Rub Down

bb) Mushroom and Mint Tea party with boiled grey water

cc) Glass making workshop on the beach

dd) Mudsculpture workshop

ee) Decorate your shit, toilet-seat painting

ff) parade

gg) potlatch

hh) Joseph Beuys artist lecture

ii) mudwrestling

jj) leftover paint pour

kk) one night to be confused

ll) one night to speed up truth

mm) The End

7. Do we have a life outside of the space?  at the beach and maybe in the street, plus we gotta leave to get groceries and condoms and string.

a) get involved with some organizations there: the dump, the food pantry, arts education, homeless shelters. Safe houses, ways churches normally help a community.

b) Could we preach in town?  Go on a mission?  A pilgrimage?  A search for a context?  A search for family– Where are the other ‘earth churches’?  Wait, is that even what we are making?

8. How do we PERFORM Reclamation once Terrarium is constructed? With events and our constant presence: by being there all the time, living there, setting up camp in the gallery.

9. How does our travel inform our project?  Could we each document our pilgrimages?

a) I will go to New Orleans two weeks before the trip and help clean up the gulf coast. I will document the experience and present it in Hoorn

10. Is there any way to start now?

a) contact community organizations

b) blue prints, floor plans

11. What happens when we finish?

a) disseminate the bits into the town?  A giving back?  yes. if we can.

b) we smash them all and throw them into the trash, plants and all?  maybe some.

c) we bury them in the garden? lets bury the altar somewhere.

d) we donate them to the town, to a school or a home?  yes. if we can.

e) we burn them?  maybe over the alter.

f) we abandon them on a corner? only if they’ll cause a scene.

g) we auction them? we could.

h) we give them away to the first person who asks? yes.

i) we host a Good bye ritual, with burning and burying and cloaks and suits and stuff.


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