infinite desert inside a box. inside an altar.


giddy at a falafel bar called Sphinx, surrounded by cheeky desert murals and the full group plus ben (aka sir cooper black), i thought ‘what if the desert was inside a box but looked like it went on forever?’ (like jack’s pyramid box he made for miniatures practicum at calarts) kyoung measured and re-measured a beautiful circle along the center line of the chapel just in front of the windows and the glass door that leads to the courtyard.  she laid stones and pots and glass bricks, wine bottles and beer bottles- even a pair of our working gloves- so very very carefully to make terrarium’s impressive altar.  edwina calls it the ‘molten chocolate cake’, and i fancy it a sacrificing stone for some post-apocalyptic fairy tale.  edwina and kyoung constructed a frame to support the sink and house the box.  i planted a mini desert-scape using store-bought succulents and sand then surrounded it with shards of broken mirror from the dump.  i spent so many hours staring through the sinkhole into the mirrored desert that i became obsessed with designing even the reflections within reflections within reflections… edwina told me to stop. she wired a light to sit inside the box and some to glow from within the altar wall.  i hot glued bits of mirror to the bottom of the sink and set it in.  kyoung covered the altar top with broken plates from the hoorn fair.  it really does look like a molten chocolate cake.


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