Prosperity for Posterity + Primary Processes


Come to Hotel MariaKapel this Thursday September 30 for the last Tea Party Social and Ritual/Music events of Terrarium! Get with the program:

Prosperity for Posterity
John Heard presents a brief and anecdotal history of the Zetas and other intergalactic aliens who bred with earthlings to form mankind as it exists today. His son John Matthew Heard presents historical instances of crude advances Pagans made towards the earth which bore them.

Primary Processes
Video Installation: Reclamation carries out Julia Holter’s instructions for In The Day, a series of rituals combining actions from Dutch still life paintings with modern field recording techniques scripted for Terrarium at HMK as Julia imagined it to be.
Screening: Los Angeles non-profit radio collective dublab presents Parallel, an audio-visual collaboration between filmmaker Huckleberry Lain and electronic music artists Languis which seeks to entrance mammalian spectators with hypnotic repetitions of visuals, atmospheric audio, and rhythmic interlocking of frequency and spectrum.
Performance: Drew Denny performs a sonic interpretation of the origin of singing, incorporating sounds from each climate represented in Terrarium and from Hoorn as well as projections shot and edited in Hoorn by John Matthew Heard. Audience members will be asked to control the ‘nature’ sounds as Drew performs a series of orphan songs developed in HMK.

doors open
18:15 – 18:45 screening of Parallel
19:00 – 20:30 Prosperity for Posterity video and presentation
20:30 – 21:30 Primary Processes performance

Tea, snacks, and drinks served. Everything is free.

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