Fair Well Reclamation


My time as a member of the Reclamation collaborative has come to an end.  From the unadulterated idealism of conceiving Planetarium through the sobering reality of breaking down Terrarium, the past nearly two years of co-creating, -participating, and -growing Reclamation has been a profound learning experience.

From the start, I always considered Reclamation an inclusionary amoeba of a project.  That consists, yes, of Drew Denny, John Matthew Heard, Edwina Portocarrero, Claudia Slanar, Morgan Gerstmar, and myself, but also and arguably more importantly includes Jennifer Styperk, Ben Segall, Charles Mallison, Sara Roberts, Tom Leeser, Norman Klein, Seth, Jared Woodland, Caroline Chang, Niki Roussou-Schindler, the students at the Whitman Continuation School, Emily Shaw, Carlo Martinez, Darrell T. Watson, Eddie Moreno, Hans, Hein, Jens, Jorge, Rand Vorhies, Jenna Eyrich, Eric Ritz, Lara Bank, Jantine Wjinja, Josine Siderius, Wouter Sibum, Tom Leeser, Norman Klein, Gerhard Schultz, Julia Holter, Amy, Angele, Erik, Nick, Rosan, Tjeerd, Cherelle, Denise, Devin, Kaj, Liam, Sabine, Sade, Brian, Daisy, Daniel, Jeffrey, Joelle, Maxime, Anh tuan, Annabeth, Ebru, Mike, Sara, Thomas, and Veronique of Richard Beharry’s Class 2S at Copernicus, Kristy Fenton aka Modern Witch, Robert Joe, Esq., Sade, Gerritt, Tonya, Trudie, Hazel Hill McCarthy, John Heard, Rachel, Daiana Feuer, Actually Huizenga, Big Whup, Dublab, Emily Lacy, God=Genocide, Geoff Geis, Human Ear Music, Leaving Records, Michael Nhat, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Cole, Jib Kidder, *SADIE. David Liebe Hart, Souris Hong-Porretta, Celeste Sunderland Gottfried, Gedda Ilves, Jungsoon Kim, Wook Kim, Sahn Kim, Grace Lee, Adele Seuhng Kim, Kathryn Heim, Amanda Estrine, Lee Wang, Wasana Punyasena,Corridor, Aaron Drake, Sarah Ibrahim, Gerard Olson, Teira Johnson, Daniel Pelt, Daiana Feuer, Amanda Jo Williams, Maxi Kim, Golden Hits, Matthew David, Jessilisa Moretti, Maya Gingery, Narinda Heng, Janice Lee, Alex Mack, Stephen van Dyck, John Martin, Hyesun Kim, Changsoo Kim, Jiyuh Kim, Jinhoo Kim, Hope Cho, Niko Solaris, Fritz Haeg, Jen Hofer, Jon Wagner, Steve Erickson, Bruce Bauman, Michaele Simmering, Joe Milazzo, Robert Dansby, Jonathan Rutzmoser, Erica Jackson, Samantha Cohen, Mady Schutzman, Jon Lindsey, Genevieve McCaw Becker, Charlie Becker, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), the California Arts Partnership (CAP), Fritz Haeg, Global Inheritance, Environmentaland, Sea and Space Explorations, Dome Colony X in the San Gabriel Mountains, Hotel MariaKapel, Echo Curio, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Gerhard, HVC Inzameling, Joop, Alice, The Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, L.A. Record, the Mondrian Foundation, Treehugger.org, Ecofriend.org, Tidepooler, Hustler of Culture, Theme Magazine, the nice woman from the bookshop with the flaming red hair, the people at Snackbar Judith, the kindergarten teacher who reported us as anarchists to the Dutch police and press, all who chose and chose not to Constellate, Mola, Bibi, Jingjing, Moody, Zeus, anyone and everyone who came through our exhibits or read about Reclamation online or off, all who chose to participate in anything, all who chose to refrain, all who did or didn’t think about participating, him, her, them, you, me, it, and anyone I left out on account of a faulty memory and disorganized archive.

I always hoped anyone and everyone would claim Reclamation as their own, to use it and go with it without any permission from the collective, should you/he/she/it/we/they be moved to do so with whatever time and energy you/he/she/it/we/they were willing to spare—for it to become a viral something or other that might offer an alternative and/or an outlet to the pervading limits and dictates of dialogue on the grand themes of belief, our environment, our relationships, our space, and therefore ultimately, ourselves.  I continue to hope for, encourage, and look forward to this.

And so, though this is a FAIRwell to the Reclamation collaborative, it is not one to Reclamation, which I hope we all—group or no—continue to grow, nurture, and realize into a beautiful mess that even supercedes our idealistic horizons.

– Kyoung Kim

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