Aquarium Events

Aquarium is on exhibit February 13 – March 6, 2010
Sea and Space Explorations, 4755 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

A combination of music that is traditionally perceived as religious or ritualistic (i.e. Balinese gamelan, North Indian ensemble, shape note choir) and local performers who are adventurous enough to create site specific performances that represent, consider, or react to the concept of ritual music. Performances by Actually Huizenga, Big Whup, Dublab, Emily Lacy, God=Genocide, Human Ear Music, Leaving Records, Michael Nhat, Nicole Kidman
Dates 2/20, 2/27, 3/6

Out of the Fishbowl: Spatial Interventions
A series of performances dealing with spatial interventions in the actual gallery space. By emphasizing the surrounding gallery space that has already been transformed by the installation of “aquarium”, questions about the implications of merging two spaces–simultaneously expanding and imploding them–are raised: Is an aquarium really so different from the white cube? And if it’s not, can the “fishbowl” still function as device to finally return the gaze that normally identifies and controls from the outside? Performances by Sarah Cole, Jib Kidder, Gerhard Schultz, *SADIE Dates 2/19, 2/26

Reclamation Reads
Readings and performances of original work that are inspired by, consider, promote, question, and/or challenge Reclamation. Curated by Caroline Chang, Daiana Feuer, and Jared Woodland Dates 2/23, 2/28

Wilderness Boundary
John Matthew Heard will launch his in initiative to blur the boundary between protected and unprotected “land.” The presentation will include a slideshow of wilderness boundaries, social boundaries, personal boundaries, and cover all of the conflicts, failings, happy accidents, and epiphanies that are part of Reclamation. Distribution and application of Reclamation stickers that announce that the stickered area is a demarcated wilderness boundary will be produced. Date 3/4

Bath Music
Drew Denny will collect her bathwater over the course of Aquarium. She will bring the bath water to Sea and Space in tubs and mic those tubs. She will smack and slap and splash the water like she once did as a child in the bath tub. She will record these water smacks and slaps and splashes, loop them, then play keys and sing on top. She hopes to write and record an EP of Bath Music with the participation of her fellow Reclamationers and Aquarium visitors. Dates Ongoing

Silent Auction
Found poisonous household products will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Date TBD

Topography & Constellate
Instructional piece that explores ritual and interpretation asks the public to recreate natural formations with their bodies. Constellate, in which individuals and groups recreate constellations of their choosing with their bodies, was created for Planetarium; similarly, Topography will ask individuals and groups to recreate river formations with their bodies. Topography will take place before and after all events. Constellate and Topography will also be performed in conjunction with Islands of LA and Fallen Fruit. Dates Ongoing

Utilitarian Confessions
Part guestbook, part confessional, part research, Utilitarian Confessions is a book that will be in the space and asks visitors to write down their environmental transgressions. Reclamation will use these “confessions” to determine obstacles many of us face on a daily basis in carrying out eco-friendly practices, and seek experts and suggestions that help ameliorate these problems. Dates Ongoing

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