Aquarium Calendar

Aquarium is on exhibit February 13 – March 6, 2010
Sea and Space Explorations, 4755 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

February 13
Opening Reception, 8pm

February 19
Out of the Fishbowl: Spatial Interventions, 9pm
Performances by Jib Kidder and Gerhard Schultz

February 20
RITUAL/MUSIC: Part 1, 9pm
“Music Making Making Myth”

Featuring Performances by Big Whup, Emily Lacy, and Actually Huizenga

February 23
An Epic Reading Under the Aquarium, 7:30pm
Performances by Gedda Ilves, Corridor, Aaron Drake, Sarah Ibrahim, Gerard Olson & Teira Johnson, Daniel Pelt, Daiana Feuer, and Amanda Jo Williams with a pamphlet by Maxi Kim
Curated by Daiana Feuer

February 26
Out of the Fishbowl: Spatial Interventions, 8pm
Performances by Sarah Cole and *SADIE

February 27
RITUAL/MUSIC: Part 2, 8pm
Dublab + Human Ear Music + Leaving Records Collaboration

Featuring Performances by Golden Hits, Julia Holter, Matthew David, and Visuals by Jessilisa Moretti

February 28
Reclamation Reads, 7pm
Performances by Maya Gingery, Narinda Heng, Janice Lee, Alex Mack, and Stephen van Dyck
Curated by Caroline Chang and Jared Woodland

March 4
Wilderness Boundary, 3pm
Presentation by John Matthew Heard

March 6
Closing Reception + RITUAL/MUSIC: Part 3, 6pm
“Some Kind of Family: Big Whup Industries and the Ritual of Musical Friendship”
Featuring Performances by Drew Denny, Geoff Geis, God=Genocide, Michael
Nhat, and Nicole Kidman

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