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Reclamation’s ilicit activities abroad


Drew Denny’s Let’s Moon the Moon for Girls Gone Wild @ Tiny Creatures, LA, Winter Solstice 2010

Jack Heard’s Wet T-shirt Contest, 2010, SÍM gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland


Score by Jack Heard for Wet T-shirt Contest


on -ating reclamation: fused plastic


fused plastic (image courtesy of

for constellating and the like, we’ve been using painter’s jumpsuits reused from jack’s hole project from 2008. however, over time the jumpsuits are getting worse for wear and we need to acquire more suits to really make constellating/topographying/radiating/branching kabowbamboom! we’ve discussed making our own suits. but buying and using sheets, even if they’re from goodwill or something, to make these suits feels way too kkk, so no dice in that direction as far as i’m concerned.

but what about fused plastic? clearly a more labor-intensive process, but cheaper and less, um, referential.  checked out some tutorials and did some tests of my own. fumes released in the process give one some pause… need to weigh the pros versus the cons. (click here for a treehugger thread discussing the matter.)

regardless, here’s the best tutorial i’ve found thusfar for making the fabric; a make video that shows how to make fused plastic fabric in prep for messenger bags. and another one from etsy.