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On Science and Religion


“There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, and science, which is based in observation and reason. Science will win because it works.”

-Stephen Hawking


James Turrell Interview



¨We generate light at night in the cities to offset our fear of each other, but lighting the night sky cuts off access to the universe. And the territory we inhabit is a visual territory. There are certainly aural aspects to it, I’ll grant that, but if you cut off access to the universe, you don’t live in it. It’s a psychological change to do that, to light the sky and cut off access to the stars.¨

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“Design won’t save the world. Go volunteer in a soup kitchen, you pretentious f**k.”


Saul Griffith on Heirloom.



rainbow church


“The idea of this architecture project “Rainbow Church” dates back to when I was in early 20s.
When I was in France for a business trip, I went to Vence, a commune located near Nice. There, I visited the Chapelle du Rosaire, which Henri Matisse, a French painter, created in his last years. I was engrossed in the beauty of the light that the chapel created. I experienced a space filled with the light of Matisse: Being bathed in the sunlight of the Provence, the stained glass with Matisse’s vibrant colors suffused the room with full of colors. Since then, I had been dreaming of designing an architecture where people can feel the light with all senses.”


self-powered sensors


“…devices could be powered just by differences in temperature between the body (or another warm object) and the surrounding air, eliminating or reducing the need for a battery.”
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TEI talk on art + science


TEI is being hosted at the Media Lab this year. Panels, talks and posters, the event is closing today with a forum on art + science: A discussion between architect John Fraser, artist Vik Muniz, artist Tavares Strachan, and biologist Natalie Kuldell, moderated by Jean-Baptiste Labrune and Ryan O’Toole of the MIT Media Lab. Live cast here.

on Vik Muniz.




50×50 Foot Pillow, used as a medical pavilion at the Rolling Stones free concert at Altamont in 1969



this monday’s assignment for “how to make almost anything” class is about composites. we are to work with compression vs. tension. resins and fibers.
aiming to work with natural materials found in situ, trying to achieve the right balance and minimizing material while maximizing space is the plus ultra.
so inflatables seemed like an ideal candidate for the structure where to build upon.
in researching about them my partner in crime came upon this awesome manual, the inflatocookbook, by the antfarm