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ačiū nida


We’re sad to say good bye to the sand dunes, to the sea-side sauna and the swing, to the forest and to all the friends we made. Many of them are migratory birds like us, living somewhere far from where they were born and leaving often. Most of them do not believe that art is ‘natural’, though they all believe that love is. Many of them make children but few of them will enjoy an afterlife. As we tally the results of our surveys and prepare our memories for publication, we cannot help but smile.


Reclamation goes to LITHUANIA!


Reclamation has been invited to participate in Nida Art Colony’s Symposium INTER-FORMAT from May 3 – May 7, 2011 with a presentation and weekend-long performance:


On September 27, 2010 Reclamation surveyed the town of Hoorn, NL. After experiencing some difficulties with conservative community members during our residency, Reclamation was curious to know if the townspeople were interested in participating in art.

On May 4, 2011 Reclamation will present our experience as international artists in residence turned surveyors of a certain public. Throughout the Symposium, Reclamation will compose surveys to be distributed to INTER-FORMAT participants each evening and collected in the morning. An anonymous forum for critical discourse, Reclamation’s surveys provide an opportunity for all Symposium contributors to cooperate in the collection of statistical data. Results will be reported daily.

See pictures of Nida Art Colony here.


Valentine’s Day at the Apocalypse!


Reclamation is invited to spend the month of February 2012 with the Object Not Found residency in Monterrey, Mexico. Founded by artist Rubén Gutiérrez in 2003, Object Not Found began as a platform to display the “cultural production by very young artists” and has evolved to include “nomadic spaces”, “micro fascism projects”, as well as residency programs for curators and artists. In the studio or INTO THE WILD…


Download our OPEN CALL


RECLAMATION is looking for artwork to exhibit during our final installation, SOLARIUM.

Download our Call for Submissions here: SOLARIUM_OPEN CALL






Reclamation Minutes: March 28, 2011

Location: Sculpture Garden off Avenue of the Dead between Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent and Pyramid of the Sun

While discussing a proposal to include our Open Call in upcoming issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, “Grassroots Modernism”, we revisited several conceptual concerns that have arisen over the course of Reclamation’s first two years. Questions we asked ourselves include:

What does “nature” mean?

Are we hippies?

What kind of collaboration are we inviting with our open call?

Why didn’t we bring any water?

What are we trying to do by representing nature?

How does Reclamation’s practice evolve?

After several hours of meditation and deliberation, we’ve come up with a few answers we like. More soon, pending the decision of the friendly folks at the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.


Open Call for Artworks to be Exhibited in SOLARIUM


As part of our presentation for SOMA in Mexico City today, we officially release an open call for artworks to be exhibited in Reclamation’s final installation: SOLARIUM.

Excerpt from our Open Call:

Download the application form here:



Spring Chicken!


Reclamation proposes to live on a barge on the Nyhavn Canal with 100 chickens for the duration of the Charlottenborg Fonden Spring Exhibition 2011 (March 3 – April 25).

Each morning, Reclamation will toss fresh eggs to visitors.