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on -ating reclamation: fused plastic


fused plastic (image courtesy of

for constellating and the like, we’ve been using painter’s jumpsuits reused from jack’s hole project from 2008. however, over time the jumpsuits are getting worse for wear and we need to acquire more suits to really make constellating/topographying/radiating/branching kabowbamboom! we’ve discussed making our own suits. but buying and using sheets, even if they’re from goodwill or something, to make these suits feels way too kkk, so no dice in that direction as far as i’m concerned.

but what about fused plastic? clearly a more labor-intensive process, but cheaper and less, um, referential.  checked out some tutorials and did some tests of my own. fumes released in the process give one some pause… need to weigh the pros versus the cons. (click here for a treehugger thread discussing the matter.)

regardless, here’s the best tutorial i’ve found thusfar for making the fabric; a make video that shows how to make fused plastic fabric in prep for messenger bags. and another one from etsy.


Planetarium at The Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe!


We are very excited to announce that PLANETARIUM will be exhibiting at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe from February through April 2010. More details to come. Woohoo!


the hacked up files of the university e. anglia


newsweek cover of august 6, 2007 issue

with reclamation, some people don’t get the connection between environment and religion. they say, “hey lady, what does global warming have to do with belief when it’s a fact? i mean, it’s science.”

the reality is there are many who sit on the other side of the fence. the naysayers’ range is wide. from those who believe that global warming is a hoax created by devil-incarnate r&d money-hungry scientists, to those who believe that global warming is god bringing on the apocalypse, to those who believe that global warming exists but that neither man nor god has anything to do with it, to those who believe that global warming exists and is man-made but that there is nothing we can do about it, to those who believe that the data is biased towards climate catastrophe and therefore they cannot make a real assessment of the situation.

i tell people this, and they don’t believe me. think i’m making conspiracy theories about conspiracy theorists. tell me i must be delusional because their logic goes “i don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe global warming exists.” but with last week’s brouhaha over the hacked emails of the climate scientists from the university of east anglia (conveniently released during this copenhangen 2009 pre-show show) published across the internets and presented as proof of “the climate change hoax,” one cannot simply dismiss the climate change skeptics as figments of my paranoid imagination. meet steve mcintyre, james delingpole, airvent “because the world needs another option” among others. links have made between the skeptics, industry, and free-market think tanks, but regardless of motive, the fact is the voice of anti-global warmingists is loud and this week just got louder smushing the logic of ignorance into itty bits of bitsyness.

if everyone was on board, felt and understood the urgency of climate change, even with the dark underbelly of current industries tied to keeping things dirty old school, don’t you think we would be a touch closer to signed treaties? with more investments in green technology? for better and worse, action is tied to belief, and environmental action isn’t happening because not everyone believes it’s a pressing issue or even an issue at all.

ergo the relationship between religion and environment. climate change as maybe the new social divider…


Cool times at Lake Mono


“Whether Mono Lake has a consciousness will remain one of its mysteries.  But Mono endows its friends with awareness, for we have all had to learn from it.  Mono has taught us to see the world anew, to accept and perceive beauties we had been unaware of, and to ask questions whose answers may be far from simple or comfortable.  On the solitude of its beaches, at dawn or at dusk, we have learned to listen and to watch and to live quietly with ourselves.  But mostly, we have learned to live with other beings which we cannot use but whose mere presence enhances our daily existence.”- Gray Brechin

….I’m wanting for Reclamation to have a consciousness….


Relational Aesthetics


I had to think about the article while reading Kyoung’s entry about gestures – a good one to re-read, re-view, re-think, even though I not quite agree with his theory about relational aesthetics.

one of the artists working with social events and gestures in art spaces I would like to keep in mind:


on rituals: in the beginning, there was constellate…


like drew, i’ve been meditating on, well, meditation. on prayer. on rituals. on prescribed gestures. constellate was the first foray for reclamation in these realms. the illustration of commitment and devotion through representative acts. generally, simple, repetitive acts. prostration. palms pressed together. the bowing of a head. chants. hymns. breaking of bread. lighting of candles. lighting of incense. what does this do, what does it mean, how does it achieve what it’s supposed to do? what is the meaning of the gesture? or the proper gesture? of the improper gesture? in the art context, it seems purely performative, a strange thing, but look outside of “performance art” and it’s everywhere. uncomfortable, almost embarrassing at first, but then empowering, comforting, and at times even necessary once familiarized.

to further explore, understand these questions, am interested in creating a “constellate” for each of the reclamation spaces. specifically, gestures that can be performed by one person or several together, that break the regular axes in space and ask that individuals personify forms in space related to the theme of the exhibition space. meaning, for example, with constellate, we asked individuals to create constellations with their bodies (“create heavenly bodies with your earthly bodies”). with aquarium, i’m imagining along similar lines, we ask individuals to create river formations with their bodies (maybe call it “topography” pronounced “tO pah gra fi ee” or “branch” as rivers branch..) both of these are similar in that they offer individuals to groups to meditate and consider natural forms which modernity is increasingly removing us from,  informs them/us of factual information of these bodies (the names, formation, and existence of stars and rivers, respectively), are simple in execution, and offer individuals room for interpretation of the instructions. in this last way, it differs from rituals in other religions/belief systems that are extremely specific; in this last way, the “belief system” of reclamation continues to spread a message of social engagement that celebrates individuality (something that many i have encountered believe to be an impossible and contradictory notion).

edwina and all who are still confused about what “constellate” is, i will post more on that sooner rather than later. apologies in my delay, but have been trying to figure out the best method to document constellate so that it can continue to have a life of its own in an organized, intuitive fashion without totally glutting the blog.


more keywords: preservation, post-apocalypse, peanut-butter sandwich, tbc…


We are the village green preservation society
God save donald duck, vaudeville and variety
We are the desperate dan appreciation society
God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties
Preserving the old ways from being abused
Protecting the new ways for me and for you
What more can we do
We are the draught beer preservation society
God save mrs. mopp and good old mother riley
We are the custard pie appreciation consortium
God save the george cross and all those who were awarded them
We are the sherlock holmes english speaking vernacular
Help save fu manchu, moriarty and dracula
We are the office block persecution affinity
God save little shops, china cups and virginity
We are the skyscraper condemnation affiliate
God save tudor houses, antique tables and billiards
Preserving the old ways from being abused
Protecting the new ways for me and for you
What more can we do
God save the village green.

The Kinks, The Village Green Preservation Society