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Download our OPEN CALL


RECLAMATION is looking for artwork to exhibit during our final installation, SOLARIUM.

Download our Call for Submissions here: SOLARIUM_OPEN CALL






Reclamation Minutes: March 28, 2011

Location: Sculpture Garden off Avenue of the Dead between Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent and Pyramid of the Sun

While discussing a proposal to include our Open Call in upcoming issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, “Grassroots Modernism”, we revisited several conceptual concerns that have arisen over the course of Reclamation’s first two years. Questions we asked ourselves include:

What does “nature” mean?

Are we hippies?

What kind of collaboration are we inviting with our open call?

Why didn’t we bring any water?

What are we trying to do by representing nature?

How does Reclamation’s practice evolve?

After several hours of meditation and deliberation, we’ve come up with a few answers we like. More soon, pending the decision of the friendly folks at the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.


Open Call for Artworks to be Exhibited in SOLARIUM


As part of our presentation for SOMA in Mexico City today, we officially release an open call for artworks to be exhibited in Reclamation’s final installation: SOLARIUM.

Excerpt from our Open Call:

Download the application form here:



stuck in the past but looking to the future



From Saddle to Solarium


I learned how to ride on a ranch with quarter horses and cows, chickens and goats, a vegetable garden, a watermelon patch, a fishin pond, and a wolf named Dakota. My favorite thing to do was take my Western horse, Pal the Palomino, swimming in the pond where he’d lope his legs like underwater cyclones and scare the fish to flopping. Sometimes he scared me too, so I’d jump up off Pal’s back onto the floating dock where I experimented in naked witchcraft, herding tadpoles, and trying to make dragon flies have sex with mosquitoes. This has nothing to do with Reclamation but I was reminded of Pal and Dakota and the water-bugs as I cleaned out my tack trunk Monday morning.
My dad sold the ranch house, so I stopped by ol’ MFF* on the way back to LA from South by Southwest to scavenge potted trees, Indian blankets and dad’s medals from Vietnam. I had almost forgotten about the red trunk- the one I bought with prize money from my first State gold in Hunter Jumper- until I found it covered in spiderwebs and wasp’s nests in the dusty tack-room where I spent hours upon hours polishing Pal’s bits and oiling my English saddle. I expected to find the trunk as I had left it- curry comb and hoof pick on the left, Mane n Tail and helmet on the right- but instead I found it full of a toy train’s tracks and a sack of old slides. They must be dad’s, but he doesn’t know how they got in there. I held a few up to the sun and found some young men posing on boats with flags.
I figure they could find new service in Solarium?

* MFF stands for My Fucking Farm. That was what my parents chose to name their ranch. When they got divorced, they fought over it a bunch and wrote it into lots of contracts. My dad moved there until he left for India, and my mom made me plant tape recorders under the couch. Now it seems very silly to imagine lawyers arguing over who gets access to My Fucking Farm.


a side note on overlapping…


It seems that the Aquarium Garden is an excellent study for Terrarium!  I have been constructing terrariums, window boxes, pot/tank/jar/bucket gardens for years- but I’ve never worked on such a large scale before.  I’m really glad we’re doing it now and discovering all the hiccups involved in the expansion before jumping into Terrarium, which will be much grander than this garden.  There might also be an opportunity to play with light in a manner that serves not only to improve the garden but as some sort of Solarium experiment… I noticed today that the plants will only be getting a few hours of sunlight each day due to the high wall of the gallery and the equally tall fence between the garden and the neighbors.  I’d like to construct some system by which sunlight could be delivered to the plants outside the small window of time allowed by the small sliver of space.  Perhaps a solar tube?  Perhaps a mirror?  Or two?  Nothing to worry about today.  Or tomorrow.  Or anytime before the opening!!  But it might be something to consider as an activity to investigate/attempt during the life of Aquarium and its garden.  Thoughts?


on solarium: maybe piezo, maybe wind


tokyo piezo subway floors (photo courtesy of "Politics in the Zeros"

in considering solarium, thinking of different ways to power the thing. hand crank very maybe. but also maybe piezo? essentially, piezo techology collects kinetic energy via pressure/stress on certain materials (particular crystals, ceramics including bone) to generate energy in other forms. dance clubs, gyms, even the tokyo subway have and/or plan to adopt piezo flooring technology to help run their operations, reduce their electric bills, and be green. seems simple, so why hasn’t it been adopted everywhere? in part because the most popular piezoelectric materials in the past have contained lead (however, recently uc berkeley scientists have discovered one that doesn’t contained the nasty stuff) and in part because while piezo generates voltage, it generates very little current so issues of efficiency, cost vs. return, as well as energy storage, etc.. re solarium, it’s a consideration, but it does take us away from the diy approach in making these spaces and possibly away from using recycled materials… unless we figure out a diy old stuff piezo solution. or scrap the idea and go back to handcrank. or windpower? hey, what about windpower?!